Dig McDug

Dig McDug

If you love arcade games, you will enjoy Dig McDug!
3.6  (8 votes)

If you love arcade games you will enjoy Dig McDug! It’s the ideal game for players craving for traditional and classic fun since it has been created to bring you back into the days of old-fashioned game. Developed with up-to-date technologies, Dig McDug includes dozens of game levels, bonuses, lots of gold and great graphics. The aim of the game is to collect as many valuable objects and gems (emeralds, gold and dollars) as possible without getting caught by evil monsters. You can also leave aside sacks of gold to eat bonuses, for example Cherry, which enables you to turn on the ‘berserk mode’ and allows you to eat monsters. The only thing that you have to bear in mind is that Cherry pops up just once per game round... You can try the free version of Dig McDug but it is better to download the fullest one because, once you have registered it, it will reward you with more excellent themes including new environments and 60 extra cool levels to keep on digging!
So hurry up! Do not think it over! Start digging for fun!

Review summary


  • Good old-fashioned game
  • Lots of game levels
  • Great graphics


  • The free version has a restrictive number of levels
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